Delivery Information

What happens if my order does not arrive?
We guarantee a safe delivery of all orders providing the customer provides real and correct shipping information. But remember, All sales are final. Make sure you put the correct address within your order.

What country do you ship from?
The vast majority of our packages are shipped domestic United States to United States. We do have a few Worldwide delivery listings which are often cheaper though.

How long will my order take to arrive?
Assuming you are ordering US – US then you can expect a quick delivery. We quote up to 5 days for delivery although its often much faster!

What shipping method do you use?
Our US – US orders are always shipped via USPS for a quick and safe delivery.

Will my order arrive safe? How’s your stealth?
While we can not discuss our stealth methods on the open internet what we can tell you is that our stealth is phenomenal. Its definitely in line with the best of the best! We would never send an order that we was not confident would arrive safely. While seizures can happen we have no single record of our package seizure due to shipping domestically. Order with real and correct shipping information and you have nothing to worry about.